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Our service center is excited for summer with Kenda tires, ensuring top-notch quality and performance. Benefit from exceptional traction, stability, and fuel efficiency on all summer roads. Trust Kenda for a great drive.

Get Summer-Ready Tires Today!

Get Summer-Ready Tires Today!

Top Kenda Tires for Summer

Kenda tires are renowned for their durability, performance, and adaptability to various road conditions—making them an ideal choice for summer driving. Here’s a look at some of the best Kenda tires suited for your summer adventures:

Vezda Touring A/S - KR205

The Vezda Touring A/S is Kenda’s grand touring all-season tire designed for drivers of touring and luxury touring cars. The Vezda Touring A/S combines the comfort and ride expected from a touring tire with the crisp handling required by discerning drivers. Created for diverse weather conditions, the tire offers lower weight and reduced noise while providing exceptional wet braking and year round traction, making it the ideal companion for summer road trips.

Vezda UHP A/S - KR400

The Vezda UHP A/S, Kenda’s ultra high performance all-season tire, blends the versatility you need as a daily driver with the experience you covet with a high performance tire. Kenda delivers this value-priced, M&S rated UHP tire for drivers of sports cars, sedans, and coupes who are looking for spirited driving in their cars year-round. Formulated with a special silica compound combining summer levels of wet and dry performance with strong cold weather and light snow capabilities, these performance tires will keep you road savvy all year long. The Vezda UHP A/S provides a great ride and expert handling in the UHP category with a 500 AA A UTQG rating.

Vezda UHP Max Summer - KR20A

The Vezda UHP MAX Summer is Kenda’s ultimate competition tire designed for premium performance at a value price. The Vezda UHP MAX is DOT-approved, race-proven, road-ready and built for the enthusiast looking to maximize the performance potential of their sports cars, performance sedans and powerful luxury vehicles. This tire is designed to deliver the highest combination of dry and wet traction (200TW AA A UTQG rating) along with reasonable ride and treadwear.

Klever A/T2 - KR628

The Kenda Klever A/T2 was developed to offer premium, all-terrain performance for the value-driven consumer. Designed at the Kenda American Technical Center in Akron, OH, this tire delivers a smooth, quiet ride without sacrificing off-road traction. With strong durability, combining aggressive styling and an optimized tread design, the Klever A/T2 is the right solution for SUV, light truck and 4×4 owners on the road, in the snow or in most off-road environments. The interlocking tread blocks offer great traction and are Kenda-optimized to produce exceptional on-road noise results.

Klever R/T - KR601

The Klever R/T was made to conquer rough terrain without sacrificing the ride and comfort of an A/T tire. Combining the Kenda Triple Threat 3-ply sidewall for exceptional durability and an optimized tread design with a superior all-weather compound, makes the Klever R/T the right solution for 4×4 owners in the dirt, rocks or any off-road environment. On the road, this tire has exceptional wet traction in addition to providing low road noise and strong winter performance due to the high sipe density. The Klever R/T is ready for snow and pinned for winter studs. Aggressively styled, strong upper sidewall tread blocks assist with typically difficult mud, sand and gravel environments while the construction provides long lasting wear and protection against impact damage and punctures. An extreme rim protector shields the bead area and rim from close encounters with trail obstacles.

These Kenda tires incorporate innovative features to enhance your driving experience, providing safety, efficiency, and performance throughout the summer months. Whether cruising on highways, navigating city streets, or exploring rough terrains, there’s a Kenda tire to meet your needs and ensure a safe and enjoyable drive.

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